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CUD Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Week - 2023: About

CUD Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Week 2023

November 13th - 17th 2023, Library Week Event

November 20th 2023 - Awarding Ceremony

Blackout Poetry Contest

Create a poem of your own with Blackout Poetry. Blackout Poetry is a type of "found poetry" in which you take phrases from a newspaper, book, or other written text. So grab a pencil, a marker, and an old newspaper or book, and prepare to create your own poem by erasing words rather than writing them. 

Winner will receive CASH prize! 

Sample Blackout Poetry

Grand Winner - Blackout Poetry Contest 2022

My Library Love Story

What is a Library Love Story? It can be...

  • How has the library helped you out of a tight spot?
  • What do you usually do when you come to the library? or why did you come in today?
  • what do you look forward to the most about the library?
  • what's your favorite reason for coming to the library?
  • Or anything else you love about the library!

Book Review Writing Contest

We are thrilled to announce to you the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Book review contest, A wonderful opportunity for you to showcase your love for literature and win exciting prices. 

The deadline for submission is 10th November 2023. 

LRC Online Quiz

How well do you know our CUD LRC? Test your wits! Take the LRC's Online quiz, "Library Trivia Questions : An Online Quiz" and get amazing gift and Certificate of Participation from the library!

Book Spine Poetry

Choose books from the Library collection, Stack them together to create a nice Poetry, with each book title being a line in the poetry.

Take a picture with the books and upload it here or send it to You stand a chance to win amazing gifts!


Sample of a Book Spine Poetry 


LRC Word Search

Hunt through our fun LRC word search puzzle to find the library-themed words! Words can go in any direction, including diagonal and backwards. Take a snapshot of the completed word search and submit to receive a gift from the library. Have fun! 

Book face Contest


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