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FACTSET: User's Guide

Factset is a financial database which allows you to quickly search for and navigate to securities, indices, people, and FactSet components/reports.

What is Factset

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FactSet is a  comprehensive  and analytical database which contains information on global financial, economic markets, and companies analysis. It provides access to financial data of public and private companies worldwide, historical financial metrics for over 70 countries, and historical financial data on global indices.

Getting Started on Factset

What is Factset database use for?

​FactSet database can be used for the following financial analysis:

  1. Portfolio and Risk analysis
  2. Monitoring market data for securities
  3. Accessing Pricing data
  4. Accessing financial research reports
  5. Viewing real time financial news
  6. Comparing companies (Financial data)
  7. Accessing Private Equity/Venture Capital report
  8. Analyzing Fixed Income Securities

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